Dept. of History Modern History of the East(History of ideas major)
Western History
Archaeology of Korean History
Ancient History of the East
Dept. of Public Administration Public Policy or Policy Science Ph.D. Degree in Public Administration or Public Policy
Local Administration
Fiscal Administration
Dept. of Chinese Commerce Chinese commerce excellent in Chinese
Dept. of Business Administration Organizational Behavior Ph. D or ABD in Business Administration
Production and Operational Management / Management Science Ph. D or ABD in Business Administration or Industrial Engineering
Finance-Investment Ph. D or ABD in Business Administration (Investment major)
Distribution Channel / Retail Management Ph. D or ABD in Business Administration or Distribution Channel
Dept. of Hotel Management Hospitality management/Tourism management Eligibility for lecture in English
Dept. of Food Science & Technology Food Science & Technology *Undergraduate major in Food Science and Technology
*Either at least 5 publications (SCI,SCIE) as a corresponding (first) author or over 12 of total impact factor for recent 3 years
*Eligibility for lecture in English
Food Bioscience
Dept. of Biosicence & Biotechnology Immunology
Stem cell biology
Bioengineering (microbial engineering, enzyme engineering)
Dept. of Bioresources Engineering Plant Breeding * PhD degree holders in related fields
* Who has published papers in plant breeding and has patents related to plant variety protection
Genetically modified organism (GMO) development * PhD degree holders in related fields
* Who have published SCI papers in a GMO-related research.
Plant molecular biology * PhD degree holders in related fields
* Who have published SCI papers in plant molecular biology
Dept. of Information and Communication Engineering All areas of Information and Communication Engineering * Ph. D degree
* Industry Experience Preferred
Dept. of Computer Engineering Computer Science & Engineering related area Doctoral Degree in Computer Engineering or related fields.
Dept. of Digital Contents All areas of Computer Engineering Doctoral Degree in Computer Engineering or related fields.
Dept. of Computer and Information Security Computer Systems Applicant who has a doctoral degree in computer science, computer engineering, electrical engineering or in a related field.
Computer Networks
Computer and Information Security (In particular,
- System Security,
- Software security & reliability,
- Network security and Intrusion detection,
- Cyber physical system security)
Dept. of Geoinformation Engineering Geospatial Information Engineering Preference to applicants with experience after earning a degree
Dept. of Defense System Engineering Underwater Acoustic Signal Processing * Ph.D. degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, or related fields
* Applicants with research experience in defense industry will be given preference.
* Korean citizenship
Underwater Target Detection / Classification and Tracking
Unmanned Underwater Vehicle
Dept. of Mechanical Engineering Manufacturing Engineering,
All areas of Mechanical Engineering
Dept. of Aerospace Engineering / Aeronautics and Astronautics Design Optimization / Smart Structure (UAV Applications) Ph. D.
High Speed Air Breathing Propulsion
Space Systems
Dept. of Nano Technology and Advanced Materials Engineering All areas of Nano and Advanced Materials Science A field of Energy/Environmental Nano and Advanced Materials is preferred.
Dept. of Nuclear Engineering Nuclear Engineering, Radiation Engineering, Small modular reactor Doctoral degree in nuclear, radiation engineering, radiological sciences or in a related field
Dept. of Fashion Design Fashion Design CAD * MA
* Five year professional experience
Faculty of General Education History of Science * Only those having published in the journals indexed in A&HCI or SCI will be considered.
* Applicants must have relevant teaching and research experience in the field of Philosophy of Science.