Dept. of Chinese Commerce Chinese Trade & Commerce *Korean Ph D.
*Until submit an application, who have published or predetermined in SSCI or SCOUPS journal.
Dept. of Business Administration Accounting *Ph D. or ABD in each area.
Organizational Behavior
Financial Management(Investment)
Dept. of Hotel and Tourism Management Hospitality Management/Tourism Management *Earned Doctorate (ABD may apply) in Hospitality and Tourism Management or a closely related field.
*Teaching experience outside Korea (or in English) is preferred.
Dept. of Food Science Food Processing *Ph D.
*Earned bachelor degree in "Food Science".
*More than 5 SCI(E) published journals or higher than 12points of impact factor in recent 3 years.
*Eligible in English lecture.
Food Microbiology
Dept. of Plant Biotechnology Plant Breeding(Conventional Breeding and Molecular Breeding) *Ph D. degree holders in related fields.
*Who has published qualified papers in plant breeding and has patents related to plant variety protection.
Dept. of Electronic, Information and Communication Eng. All major field in Electronics *Ph D.
Dept. of Computer and Information Security Information Security and Computer Science *Ph D. degree in Computer Science or Eng.
Faculty of General Education History of Science *Ph D.
*Only those having published in the journals indexed in A&HCI or SCI will be considered.
*Applicants must have relevant teaching and research experience in the field of Philosophy of Science.